3.0 Submarine Simulation.

3.1 Submarine Prototype I.

3.2 Submarine Anisotropic Field.

3.3 Resultant Field.

3.4 Prototype II.

3.5 Prototype II Simulation.

3.6 Prototype II Navigation.

3.7 Catamaran.

4.0 Translation Velocity Field.

4.1 Generating a New Field.

4.2 Resultant Field.

4.3 Velocity Coupling.

4.4 End Velocity Field.

5.0 1st Simulation.

5.1 2nd Simulation.

Exhibitions and estimates of plasma with the TID

The pendulum of dynamic interactions:

Theory of Dynamic Interactions: The Flight of the Boomerang II


Dynamic Interaction Theory presentation videos:

New dynamic hypotheses

New Evidential Proof of Rotational Dynamics:

Theory of dynamics interactions