Advanced Dynamics C.B.

Advanced Dynamics C.B. (ADCB) is a scientific company which has privately undertaken and owns an original investigation project on rotational dynamics.

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Theory of Dynamic Interactions

According to Galileo’s Relativity Principle, laws in physics are identical in any inertial reference system.

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Articles and Publications

Our research project, original and unpublished on rotational dynamics, is based on experimental evidence, scientific articles and publications that can be consulted.

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Evolution of mankind is a process of discovery, humanisation and conquest of liberty.

Within this process, creative curiosity is a basic element, as it represents the effort of men and women aiming to reach new knowledge heights, which are essential for human progress. Nowadays any concerned person may participate in this cultural process and actively contribute to the step forward of society.In this sense, the dizzy advance of human knowledge and the actual social transformations need, more than in any other period, to dispose of that wish to know and find out, which allows us to face constant challenges and adequately solve the theoretical and practical problems which arise.In Advanced Dynamics, C.B. (ADCB) we want to take part in this intellectual concern and dare to make scientific investigation. As a result, and after years of investigation, we have developed an alternative physical-mathematical model in Rotational Dynamics, based on a proposal named Theory of Dynamic Interactions (TID).This model does not breach the principles and axioms of physics, but it proposes certain reinterpretations of dynamic criteria which have been accepted up to date.

Gabriel Barceló Rico-Avello

Chairman of Advanced Dynamics C.B.

We incorporate here the latest posts in this website, regarding the last news or new actions also related Advanced Dynamics CB activity and refering all to the Theory of Dynamic Interactions.