A new video on the behavior of celestial bodies according to the Theory of Dynamic Interactions

May 2021

Our visible universe has an accelerated expansion, according to repeated evidence obtained by various techniques, from the well-known observations made by Edwin Powell Hubble. From this observation, innumerable calculations and deductions have been made, which have led to the hypothesis of the existence of an unprecedented cosmic entity, which has the peculiarity of repelling matter from each other, and which was called “dark energy“. This “dark energy” is completely unknown, and some researchers understand it as the convenient hypothesis, but not real, because it is the one that arises from calculations and deep observations. Taking into account that we already know that all cosmic objects and systems are in rotation, both locally and not so locally, and that all bodies are endowed with intrinsic and extrinsic angular momentum, it seems logical to think that rotational dynamics should also apply to these phenomena.

Starting from this apparently simple idea, our collaborator, Luís Alberto Perez, has developed a video in which another hypothesis is proposed as an alternative to the existence of “dark energy”: The intensities of the centrifugal acceleration flows exceed the intensities of the gravitational fluxes, which are not enough to compensate for the centrifugal flow, hence the baryonic matter, energy, space and time are extended, in geometric progression with respect to our apparent time. He proposes that the expansion of the cosmic tissue could not be caused by “dark energy“, but by centrifugal fields of rotational orbital domains. For example, in a spiral galaxy, all that matter that is positioned further from the main axis of rotation is effectively lost in space as time passes, or what is the same, the intensity of the centrifugal acceleration is not it compensates with the gravitational field, and the destination of each spiral galaxy is another in the form of a disk, more or less homogeneous and compact. The video titled: Inertial fields. Axioms and conjectures on implications of the theory of dynamic interactions, and with the subtitle: Cosmic expansion accelerated in time Scientific proposal of “uncompensated centrifugal flow”, it is accessible at the following address:


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