New video on TDI

March 2021

Radio Nacional, 3, conducted an interview with Gabriel Barceló in June 2015 about the Theory of Dynamic Interactions. On the audio of this interview, Luis Alberto Lopez, has executed a video, by superimposing relevant images of the TDI.

This video can be viewed at:

The author of the video, L. A. Pérez, has made other documentaries about TDI: The Dance of the Spinning Top. Video, Valladolid, 2015
Cylinder subjected to two non coaxic rotations. 2018.
Four videos referring to the book “New paradigm in physics”:
In relation to the Theory of Dynamic Interactions, you can obtain more information on this page on the Internet:

A reference to this research project can be found in the official public service of the European Commission:
And also in the scientific news information service:
More complete information can be obtained on this portal, or at:


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