Interpretations of the behavior of the universe through Theory of Dynamic Interactions

April 2021

It is possible to interpret the behavior of the universe by using the criteria of the Theory of Dynamic Interactions, and in that case, it is not necessary to resort to other supposed and exotic explanations, such as energy or dark matter. Precisely, the expert Luis Alberto Pérez has published his conclusions in the latest issue of the World Journal of Mechanics, Vol.11 No.4, april 2021.

In that publication, the author of it, proposes that the cosmos should not be treated as a whole, with a global axis of rotation, but rather that bodies rotate and orbit, existing different local rotation axes, referring to a specific domain of cosmic tissue; and that these are not, in general, parallel to each other. The text of the article by Luis Alberto Pérez: Uncompensated Centrifugal Flow about Accelerated Cosmic Expansion, can be obtained at this address: DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2021.114007


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