Research agreements

  • July 2000
    Foundation RETEVISIÓN, finances a technical report named “”Essay on dynamic interactions in bodies equipped with angular momentum”
    Collaborators in this agreement: CARTIF (Centre of Atomation, Robotics and Information and Manufacturing Technologies), domiciled in Boecillo, Valladolid, and the professorship of Mechanical Engineering of the ETSII (School of Advanced Industrial Engineering) of the University of Valladolid.
  • December 2002.
    Foundation Agustín de Betancourt, School of Advanced Civil Engineering of Madrid
    Financed by ADSA, a technical report entitled “Sstudy of the movement of a rigid solid exposed to an outside momentum” is prepared.
  • January 2003
    University of Cantabria. Department of Electrical and Energetic Engineering
    Financed by ADSA, a computer program called “Dynamic Simulation Model” is developed.
  • January 2004
    University of Granada. Professorship of the Department of Algebra
    Financed by ADSA, a report entitled “Mathematical and dynamic model of certain rotating bodies” is prepared.
  • June 2004.
    University of Coruña. Faculty of Computer Science
    Financed by ADSA, a project named “Investigation project for evaluating a dynamic simulation model of rotating bodies” is developed.
  • January 2005.
    National University of La Plata. Argentina. Faculty of Exact Sciences
    Financed by ADSA, a scientific report entitled ”Algebraic lie formalism and representation of rotating operators” is prepared.
  • March 2006
    Faculty of Mathematics. University Complutense of Madrid. Department of Applied Mathematics
    Financed by ADSA, an investigation project is developed with the title “about the compatibility of a speed description and the movement equations of a rigid solid”
  • May 2007
    University Complutense of Madrid. Investigation Team “Mathematical Models in Science and Technology”, Institute of Interdisciplinary Mathematics
    Financed by ADSA, a combined scientific action agreement is agreed on , which consists of the following action programmes:

1. Preparation of a report.
2. Participation in the Modelling week of the University UCM with a topic related with the hypotheses of dynamic interaction.
3. Call for an award, open to students for works which relate to dynamic interactions.

FOOTNOTE: Some of the agreements were directly signed with professors or investigators of above mentioned institutions and others were directly signed with the institutions.