What scientific developments can be obtained from these laws?

The scientific development of the Theory of Dynamic Interactions would enable a greater understanding of all phenomena in which we simultaneously find intrinsic rotation and a spatial variation of angular momentum and, thus, its application to numerous areas of physics, particularly, astrophysics, atomic physics and dynamics.

It would also be possible to shine a new light on magnetism, electromagnetism, geophysics, quantum mechanics and other areas of physics. It could also become possible to propose the development of ballistic, satellite and aircraft path calculation methods, as well as ones to predict typhoons and hurricanes.

From the tenth law being proposed, it is possible to infer the existence of dynamic interactions caused by force couples when observing simultaneously rotating and precessing bodies. It may be that this dynamic situation coincides with the existence of central forces, simultaneously co-existing different correlations in accordance with the real inertial and dynamic behaviour of bodies (L10-C1).