Can a specific, non-coaxial force couple rotational dynamics be conceived?

Specific dynamics can be conceived for particular excitations or circumstances on the basis of general axioms. For example, a specific, non-coaxial couple force rotational dynamics can be conceived for a rigid, solid body subject to non-coaxial force couples. Gabriel Barceló suggests three basic axioms to develop this dynamics:

  1. Whenever a solid is subject to successive, non-coaxial momenta, inertial fields are generated at its centre that are conceived as non-homogeneous distributions of speeds and accelerations.
  2. Whenever an intrinsically rotating solid is subject to new, non-coaxial couples, the velocity field that is generated is coupled to the translation velocity field.
  3. The action of successive, non-coaxial momenta on a rigid body cannot be determined by aggregation, or calculated by means of the results of the forces and/or couples.

The first axiom expresses the principle in general, assuming the generation of fields, generally anisotropic in nature, for intrinsically rotating bodies, whenever these are subject to new, non-axial couples. The second axiom puts forward a discriminating coupling of velocities’ fields and the third points to the impossibility of using vectorial algebra to explain these phenomena.

Laws on the behaviour of bodies subject to non-coaxial force couple and on the non-Newtonian, rotational dynamics of dynamic interactions can be inferred from these axioms.

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