November 2019

The Nuevo Mundo Club and Dinamica Fundación convened a talent contest in Physics; the award ANTITHESIS TO THE THEORY OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS. It was an award endowed with 3,000 euros to whoever proposed, in a reasoned way, that this theory is wrong. In accordance with the aforementioned call, the proposal for an ANTITHESIS TO THE THEORY OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS, in computer format, had to be sent to the email address specified therein, before November 2, 2019. On that date, no ANTITHESIS proposal has been received. This award had been announced because we understood that it was necessary to verify and falsify this theory by third parties. The THEORY OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS proposes a drastic alternative to a classical paradigm, with a clear conceptual discrepancy between the two. Therefore, it was necessary to review this knowledge niche, with a young and new mentality, which dispenses with preconceived ideas of a translational scenario, and accepts the rotational reality of matter, and of our environment. That was the main reason that led to summon this intellectual challenge, in order to confirm the new axioms proposed by Gabriel Barceló, to analyze the dynamics of bodies subjected to accelerations and, especially to accelerations due to rotations, and in this way, to be able to have a mechanics for non-inertial systems, which allows us to better understand our universe. In multiple works and articles, we have developed and referred to the THEORY OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS, and specifically, to the treatise in two volumes: NEW PARADIGM IN PHYSICS: (  –

In this treatise, its author has proposed multiple tests and experiments carried out in application of the scientific method, which in our opinion, demonstrate its veracity. In this theory, Dr. Barceló proposes a new model of the universe, and of dynamics for bodies in motion accelerated by non-coaxial simultaneous rotations, applicable to astrophysics and, in general, to dynamics, consistent with the Theory of Relativity and with Kepler’s Laws, but conceptually in opposition to Newton’s ideas. But his theory allows to justify other characteristics of the behavior of celestial bodies, not foreseen in other models, such as the dynamic equilibrium of the universe, flat celestial systems or the rings of Saturn. After analyzing the behavior of bodies subjected to simultaneous non-coaxial rotations, the author has understood that precession is the response of the mobile with rotation and translational speed, to any external action not coaxial with its own rotation. As a consequence, the mobile, with prior intrinsic rotation, when driven by an external moment of a non-coaxial axis, modifies its dynamic behavior, apparently moving the point of application of the force, in the direction of rotation of the object. In this way, the second rotation generated in a rigid solid body does not respond to the laws of Classical Mechanics, nor to vector algebra: after half a turn, the second rotation begins on an axis perpendicular to the torque that generates it, and not on the axis of the moment or the couple of forces acting. The theory justifies this behavior, and deduces a general equation of motion, for bodies endowed with angular momentum, when they are subjected to successive non-coaxial pairs, which its author defines as the “general equation of motion of non-inertial systems with axial symmetry”. In this hypothesis, the equation of motion will be determined by the speed of translation of the body’s center of mass, which has not changed in magnitude and, therefore, will be equal to the initial translational speed of the body subjected to spatial rotation. This new equation of motion allows us to know the true real behavior of nature for non-inertial systems. It can be understood that this research work is a scientific realization, which justifies and predicts the dynamic behavior of accelerated systems. It provides new models of behavior, solving dynamic problems. In developing it, Dr. Barceló has generated new, suitable and necessary scientific concepts.

In our opinion, this theory allows us to conceive a new Celestial Mechanics, a universe with all its elements in rotation, and in constant equilibrium, in which, a moment or a couple of forces will generate, while acting, a permanent movement in orbit, in a closed and flat path. In this universe, each celestial body maintains its initial intrinsic rotation constant, thus generating a universe with its elements in constant orbit and in stable dynamic equilibrium, in harmony and not in unlimited expansion. It is a new conception of celestial mechanics based on non-inertial dynamic hypotheses, for bodies accelerated by rotations, which proposes a law of simultaneity of orbit and rotation. From this conception a universe emerges in constant and lasting dynamic equilibrium, with its elements in rotation, due to the real behavior of matter, when bodies are endowed with intrinsic rotation. This is precisely the balance that human beings have perceived when observing the dome of the sky for millennia. Isn’t this precisely the fundamental characteristic of our universe? This new logical structure of physical thought proposed by its author was contrasted with experimental tests and computer simulation models. He obtained full coherence between the simulation results and the observation of the empirical evidence results. These tests were carried out by the Advanced Dynamics research team, but also by independent third parties, who designed their own experimental test prototypes, confirming the dynamic hypotheses of the theory. In the book: IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE… A NEW PARADIGM, the announcement of this award was already announced, in order to verify, confirm or refute the scientific proposal. It was a prize for the argumentation that, reasonably and by means of the scientific method, would allow, where appropriate, to refute the THEORY OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS, and demonstrate that it is erroneous or wrong. However, as we have already stated, and despite the time that has elapsed, no proposal has been received from ANTITHESIS, which attempts to demonstrate that the THEORY OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS is wrong, for which the convening entities: Club Nuevo Mundo and Dinámica Fundación, have agreed consider void this call for the ANTITHESIS TO THE THEORY OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS award.