El Vuelo del Bumerán

portada_bumeran“This book represents the fruit of a great deal of well grounded work and stands as an example of industrious research driven by a simple and pure desire to know”. Federico García Moliner (1992 Prince of Asturias Award Laureate for Technical and Scientific Research).

Gabriel Barceló published the El vuelo del Bumerán as an introduction to the Theory of Dynamic Interactions. Approaching the issue from the perspective of an “apologia for inquisitive thought”, the book puts forward a new rotational dynamics physico-mathematical model and revives a forgotten debate on rotational dynamics.

The book is divided into four parts:

  • Creative Curiosity.- The author aims to arouse scientific curiosity, observations and reasoning, questioning those axioms that could lead to confusion, while at the same time inviting the reader to undertake an open-minded, scientific adventure.
  • Historical Analysis.– He expounds the evolution of the main historical facts about the dynamics of rotating bodies, both in physics and mathematics.
  • Dynamics Formulations.– He objectively analyses the grounds of rotational mechanics, its different dynamic formulations, the mathematical procedures applied and their interpretations in rotational dynamics in order to determine the actual state of knowledge in this field. After his exposé of the situation as it stands at present, he provokes debate by means of a series of indications and exceptions that should be confirmed by observation and experiment. Dissatisfied with the result, Gabriel Barceló proposes a fourth part.
  • An Alternative Rotational Dynamics Model.- The author brings together all of his reflections and delves deeply into what he calls an alternative model, based, notwithstanding, on the axioms and principles of classical mechanics. This physico-mathematical model does not violate the principles and axioms of physics, but it does propose certain re-interpretations of hitherto accepted dynamic criteria.

The results of this simplified model are computer simulated and their similarity to normal phenomena, specifically, the true flight of the boomerang, are revealed.

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